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Fishing Area Selectivity Tool (FAST)

The FAST Tool is an effort to improve communication and reduce interaction with species fishermen are trying to avoid.

How it works:

  • Fishermen report catch information for species of concern through a simple interfacd.
  • Catch data can be viewed on maps, filtered by date and species.
  • Additional maps layers with historic fisheries data and  information on latest science and management.
  • Secure access and data confidentiality within sectors or fishing groups.

For more information and to learn how to join the project, please the project overview page.


Project News

Current Focus:

Reducing Interactions with Harbor Porpoise in the Sink Gillnet Fishery Shortly after GMRI began development on the data portal, members of New England’s gillnet fleet approached the project team, viewing the improved communication of oceanographic and interaction data as a way to develop an industry-led process to reduce interactions with harbor porpoise outside of management plans. Through the project, fishermen have agreed to share when and where a take occurs with each other. The tool incorporates an alert system that notifies other fishermen when a take has been self-reported. By logging into the web-based portal, fishermen can compare their own real-time data against historic interactions, as well as oceanographic information. Data collection on harbor porpoise interactions is nothing new to fishermen, but sharing the information in real-time will enable them to be proactive in avoiding these animals. 

GMRI presented the FAST tool to the Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Team on November 28th, 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island.

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